What is Web Scraping
Michelangelo an Italian sculptor famously known for his work David was once asked how he sculpted David with marble. He replied, “It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.” Yeah, this is relatable to web scraping. We know that there is…

Now we have moved to the fourth week of the Django peer-to-peer learning session. Week four was all about experimenting and documentation reading. Invest time to read things and move on with a polls app given in Django documentation. Also, this reading of Django makes me think about how useful the framework is and how awesomely it was designed.

Searched for the developers of Django, followed them. We were having a mentor session where we discussed the command line shell of Django and manipulation in the database. And in the peer-to-peer session, we were discussing ToDo app and building the ToDo app together where we corrected each other’s errors and moved forward.

#week 3

Week 3 of the Django peer-to-peer program was very special to me. The week was filled with ups and downs on the way. Initially, Django felt like a monster to me. I am struggling in understanding the structure of it, how is it working, and so on. The first few…

The second week of the mentoring program was about building some games with python. I build Rock Paper Scissors and the Hangman game confused me and took some time to understand.

We missed many sessions of week 2 due to bad weather conditions. Hope we can tackle the problem in the coming days.


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